Meet the ambassadors

Our ambassadors are in charge of finding the right mentors, forming partnerships and promoting our network. They can all count impressive achievements and are amazing - and fun - people to work with!

Shawn Zvinis

A native Canadian, Shawn is a Seedcamp London alumn. He's the co-founder of Area, the platform to better coordinate your home-buying process. Thanks to his app design skills, he's been named one of GQ's "men of the next 25 years".

Mandeep Singh

Mandeep has worn many hats, including being a private equity investor and a tech consultant. He's the co-founder and CEO of Trouva, the click-and-collect network of private boutiques which brings online the high street.

Thomas Walczak

Usually to be found at the most interesting conferences across Europe, Thomas is a skilled software developer and the founder of EventIgnite. Without his input, the curriculum of Bright Mentors' classes wouldn't be the same.

Keeping things lively at Bright Mentors.

Alessandra and Agate have known each other since their early teenage years - as all their plans were, well, just plans. So when Alessandra developed the concept for Bright Mentors, she knew Agate would get it. If they could both find a spare hour a month aside their jobs as investors to support the cause of Bright Mentors, there must have been many others who could too.


That's the idea behind Bright Mentors. All of us - team, ambassadors, mentors and advisors - have a main occupation taking up a lot of time, but we "donate" that extra hour a month towards improving the education and professional mindset of teenagers in subjects that can change their lives.

Meet the founders